About Inverclyde Woodturning Club

Inverclyde Woodturning Club was started in January 2017. At our first meeting, we had 25 prospective members, many of whom had no woodturning experience. Inverclyde Employment Trust had agreed to allow the use of their workshop and meeting rooms. Although the Trust was normally closed in the evening, the staff kindly agreed to have someone there on Wednesday evenings to allow us to meet.  This meant that membership would not be restricted to the retired and unemployed.

The workshop facilities were for a working workshop, not for classes and with so many inexperienced turners this was going to cause some problems. The Trust Operations Manager put on a Craft Class and a Technology Class using the equipment they had. This allowed the woodturning to use a “hands on” approach in the club allowing members to learn for themselves with help from the experienced turners.

Almost 3 years on we have 23 members and have joined the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain and have a regular attendance of 12 – 15 members each week.

Once a month we have a demonstration by one of our more experienced members or on occasions an outside demonstrator and the other meetings we continue with the peer learning in the workshop where any of the less experienced members can get the help and advice they require.

We now have four lathes of our own. A Record Coronet Midi Lathe, an Axminster AC370 WL Lathe and two small Axminster Hobby Lathes which can be transported to demonstrations as required.